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Fitness Therapy Blog

Alternative Post Recovery Tips

Today’s blog I want to talk about alternative ways to help the body recovery after exercise. We already know the benefits of stretching, sports massage, protein and carbohydrates, but what else can be done?  Here are three of my favourite things to help coincide with post recovery. Magnesium: Magnesium has many benefits. For exercise it is […]

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Beetroot Brownies

NutriBullet Beetroot brownies These can be made with a Nutribullet or any food processor. 3 eggs 400g cooked beetroot 40g cocoa powder 100g butter 200g dark chocolate 200g coconut sugar 100g plain flour or gluten free flour Heat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4. Line a 30x20cm tin with greaseproof paper Weigh out the […]

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Feeling the stress?

Stress is not just something you deal with mentally. A sequence of biological processes happens in the body. This can have a positive effect or negative depending on what is causing the stress response, how we allow stress to be perceived and for how long it goes on for. The stress response in the body […]

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Fascial Manipulation for Pain Relieve

Hi guys, hope you all had a great Easter break For those of you don’t don’t already know I have just completed my level 1 in Fascial Manipulation, the Stecco Method.  I thought I would use this blog to tell you a little bit about it and also whom the treatment will benefit.  There are […]

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London Marathon Nutrition

  Some of you may have recently found out that you have secured a place in the London Marathon. Congratulations! Now it’s time to start thinking about training and feeding your body right. In today’s post we will explore some of the body processes which allow this incredible feat of endurance to happen. Even if you’re not running […]

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Nutrition and Exercise

Pre exercise It’s important to feed your body efficiently before exercise to get the most out of your session. As we get most of our energy from carbohydrates, these should be included before exercise to give our muscles the glucose they need to perform best. What you eat before exercise may depend on when you […]

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