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Fascial Manipulation

The picture you see is myself and Luigi Stecco, the founder of Fascial Manipulation, on my graduation day qualifying as a “Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist”


I am the founder of Fitness Therapy for You. 

This website is designed to give you information about the different types of treatment that are available.

I hope you enjoy the website!



Sara Packard; Dip. Cfms, Dip.Ac, Dip.Na, Dip.Sp, Dip. Ai, MBAcC, MSTA

Sara Packard


  • TQUK Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF) December 2021
  • Member of the Sports Therapy Assocation June 2021
  • Diploma in Advanced Iridology. College of Naturopathic Medicine. February 2021
  • Attended International Winter School. “Facial Anatomy: Cadaver dissection, molecular aspects, biomechanics and ultrasound imaging in living”. Department of Neurosciences, Institute of Human Anatomy, Padova, Italy. February 2020
  • Nada Practitioner. April 2019. Nada GB
  • Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist, Diploma, Stecco Institute.
  • Master Class Level 3 Fascial Manipulation Stecco Institute.
  • Acupuncturist Diploma, college of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Naturopath Diploma, College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Member of the British Acupuncture Council
  • Fascial Manipulation Level 1, the Stecco Method
  • Fascial Manipulation Level 2, the Stecco Method
  • Fascial Manipulation Level 3, the Stecco Method
  • Sports Massage Diploma
  • Member of the Sports Massage Association
  • Dry Needling Level 1 with Club Physio
  • Kinesio Taping certified with the Kinesio Taping Association
  • I.M.I.A Baby Massage Instructor
  • Pregnancy and Labour Massage certificate
  • Personal Training certificate
  • Pre and Post Natal Personal Training certificate
  • Nutrition certificate
  • Valid First Aid at Work certificate

Events worked:

  • England Badminton. Under 15 and 11’s April 2019. First Aid, Taping, Assessing, Treatment.
  • IAAF World Championships. Medical Team. Sports Massage. August 2017
  • GLTA Tennis Tournament October 2015, First Aid, Taping, Sports Massage
  • England Badminton : Under 15 and 11’s March 2015, First Aid, Taping, Sports Massage
  • England Badminton: Under 18’s March 2014, First Aid, Taping, Sports Massage

My Story:

I am on hand for marathon advice, injury and recovery, runners workshop with Dame Kelly Holmes 2016

I am on hand for marathon advice, injury and recovery, runners workshop with Dame Kelly
Holmes 2016

I got into therapy work whilst working as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor many years ago. During this time I learnt sports massage and unfortunately for me I tore my hamstring muscle, which to this day I can still remember the pain!! As a result from this I also ended up having knee surgery. I had to completely change my lifestyle and exercise regime. From being completely active and teaching 15 to 20 classes a week to doing nothing was a real struggle. When you have experienced a sporting injury, you know the frustration that comes with it. From this moment I knew that I wanted to use my experience and become a full time therapist and help others with their recovery. Once that decision was made I started working in clinics as a sports massage therapist, in Central London (Barbican and Farringdon) and locally in Walthamstow and gained different qualifications: dry needling and kinesio taping.

I began my journey at Redbridge Sports and Leisure in 2013. Since then I have gained a degree level qualification in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, learnt naturopathy (which also includes iridology). I have also become a certified fascial manipulation specialist, which required me learning 3 levels over 2.5 years and then attending an exam in Italy. (At present there are only 2 of us in the UK with this qualification).

As you can see my journey started treating sporting injuries. Now I treat almost anything. And this can be seen from the fascial manipulation and acupuncture work. A few examples: constipation, period problems, kidney stones, pain: joint, muscle, ligament, chronic fatigue, Iron deficiency, pregnancy issues, breathing problems, circulatory and the list goes on and on. For more information please go to the next pages.

You can find me at:

Redbridge Sports & Leisure
Forest Road

Days and Times:
Mon 11am – 8pm
Tue 3pm – 7pm
Wed 3pm – 8pm
Thurs 11am -8pm
Sat 9am – 2pm

Now you know my background let me tell you a little bit about my goals. I am very passionate about helping anyone that’s in any discomfort. Whether young or old, sporty or sedentary, it doesn’t matter. If there is something that is preventing you from enjoying your life to the full then you need some help. I tend to look at any case, whether challenging or not, through fresh eyes each time. No one is the same and everyone needs to be treated individually. If you are reading this, there is a reason, get in touch to see how I can help you.


Fascial ManipulationSTABritish Acupuncture Council Member