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Booking and price information at Redbridge Sports & Leisure

To make a booking at Redbridge Sports & Leisure and learn about prices please go to the link supplied at the bottom of this page.

For new patients please ensure to read the privacy policy before you book in.

Privacy Policy:


All appointments, except for the Nada Protocol, are filed with an online booking system. Your information is not shared with anyone. If your treatment details are required by another medical professional, your permission will be asked first before submitting. Nada Protocol patient’s information will be kept in a secure location. New clients via online or in person will be asked whether they will like to opt out of text messaging or email updates. Text messaging and email communication are an essential means to update patients of appointment details and is used for this purpose only. There is an option for promotional texts which you can opt out of. Please ensure to let the practitioner know if this is required, if you did not book online.

Cancellation Policy:

A reminder text is issued to the patient via either text or email 48 hours pre appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the practitioner if they are unable to attend. A cancellation fee is charged if the patient fails to give 24 hours notice and this falls into two categories: 50% of the treatment price if under 24 hours notice. Full treatment price if cancellation is 3 hr or less pre appointment time.

Treatment Policy:

It is the patient’s responsibility to update the practitioner of any changes to their health. The patient understands that they attend the session/s at their own risk and that there is no guarantee of treatment being 100% successful.

Pre Treatment:

Acupuncture and giving blood: Please be aware that you cannot have acupuncture if you have given blood within the last 6 months and after acupuncture treatment, you cannot donate until 4 months has passed from treatment.

Cupping: Cupping therapy will leave marks on the skin. Each person is different to how long the marks will stay.

Sports Spray, Kinesio Tape and Massage Oil: Please let your practitioner know if you have any allergies before the day of your treatment.

Post Treatment Advice:

Acupuncture: It is normal to feel drowsy. There may be slight bruising from treatment. It is recommended to rest for the remainder of the day and not over exert.

Fascial Manipulation Therapy: After treatment there may be some redness or swelling on the skin. Sometimes it will be unsafe to exercise until the practitioner recommends to do so. Therefore, it is essential that you take the advice given. Different side effects can occur from this treatment, if there is anything not described by your practitioner please contact them to find out more.

Sports Massage Therapy: Sometimes there can be bruising after treatment and muscle soreness. Please allow adequate rest before any exercise re commences.

Booking Link:

PLEASE BE AWARE PRICE INCREASE FROM JANUARY 2022, Please contact Sara for more information.

Covid: Below is a short video made July 2020 explaining governing body guidelines for keeping us both safe in Clinic.

UPDATE 30/11/21: Please be aware that there are no changes in clinic: Masks are still MANDATORY.

Thank you for your co-operation.