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Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation Therapy The Stecco Method

Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation Therapy originates from Italy where it was created by Luigi Stecco. This treatment is recognised worldwide with students travelling from all parts of the world, Kenya, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, Poland, Sweden, Russia, to learn this amazing technqiue. I have had the opportunity of attending courses in Padua in Italy and recently went to qualifty as one of the first in the United Kingdom as a Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist. As you may have read in my about me page, there are currently only 2 of us in the UK, so I am very proud to be one of them.

This page will tell you all about the dysfunctions that can occur, treatment, who its for and some testimonials. There is also a video, if you are a visual learner, it may help you understand a bit more about “What is Fascia” and why it is so important. I could write what Fascia is but this may take a while, so video’s always seem to work best on this front.

Dysfunction of Fascia

Fascia Dysfunction can cause pain, obstructions of movement, lymphatic, nerve, digestive, respiratory problems and many more. Studies have shown that some surgeries for arthritis, rather than touching the actual joint, they make an incision in the fascia to relieve the symptoms. The most common form of fascial pain is Plantar Fasciitis. This is known especially for runners, when their heels or soles of feet are painful. This happens because the fascia is under too much stress and the body therefore is compensating in its way by showing pain. If somebody is suffering with a stomach issue, i.e. colitis It is because the fascia is not the correct tension over this area and therefore causes an internal dysfunction. This could be due to another problem that has happened previously, whether muscular or a different internal problem which has caused a domino effect in the body. And this is why, your consultation is the most important part to solve the puzzle.

What does the treatment involve:

A thorough consultation is key to identify what is causing your problem and from this information determines your treatment. Working with the fascia is done by using hands, arms in order to feel the tension and enable the release. Once your first treatment has been completed then you will be advised on when you need to attend again. The first time we meet willl be 1 hour and follow ups from 30 mins to 45 mins.

Who can it treat?

There is no age limit on who this is for and it definately has no criteria, you don’t have to be a sports person to appreciate this.

Here is a list of conditions that can be treated but please note that not everything is listed because there simply would not be enough room!!

thyroid, diabetes mellitus, lymphatic problems, swelling in body, circulatory issues. Immunity, iron defiency, blood count issues, gout, cold hands or feet, too much heat in the body. skin rashes, nerve pain, neuroglia pain, dry skin, anxiety, stroke up to 5 years post, painful to lie on one side of the body, body fat uneven distribution, painfull cellulitus, kidney stones, retention of urine, high blood pressure, painful urination, reoccurring cystitis, constipation, bloating, tightness in chest, difficulty breathing, vertigo, incontinence, food intolerances, hernias, ovarian cysts, bronchii, painful periods, ammenohea, infertility, colitis, muscular pain, joint pain, difficullty moving a limb, a reoccurring problem, ie. back pain, postural problems, tinntius, loss of taste or smell, sinusitis and many many more.

Why is this so different to other treatments I have:

The major difference between this and other treatments is that once the right section is hit your problem will not return. Other therapies focus on fixing the pain they see in front of them first. Medications to solve a problem without understanding why, or even given steroid injections that only last a while. This is why the problem always comes back. With this treatment, solve the root cause first and then the others disappear. I would always suggest that before you embark on having steroid injections or surgery, (obviously depending what the nature of the problem is) that you try this treatment. Sometimes you don’t need these interventions, sometimes you do. But isn’t it worth trying something else first?


Here are some testimonials from clients that have kindly taken their time to write:

Please also see the fibromyalgia page where there is also a testimonial there for fascial manipulation.

A friend recommended Sara to me as I had a rotator cuff injury. Sara dealt with this using fascial manipulation and the problem was cured on my first visit. Whilst I was there I mentioned the fact that I have suffered with constipation for most of my adult life and I wondered if it was something she could treat with fascial manipulation? Sara told me she could definitely help me and treated me accordingly. I am amazed that after one treatment I am free of constipation and I am now an everyday person! I can not recommend Sara highly enough for both her professionalism and her personable nature.

Fascial Manipulation“I took my 12 year old son Alfie along to see Sara as my friend had recommended her facia treatment. Alfie had been suffering on and off with severe heel pain over a number of months which at times made it impossible for him to play football or even take part in any sport, which he loves. We had one session with Sara where she firstly went through Alfie’s medical history then did some facia treatment. I was surprised that many of the points that Sara worked on were not even remotely near Alfie’s heel, but after just an hour Alfie left pain free! Rest was suggested for a few days but after that Alfie was back to playing football with his team and he has had no further pain since. I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough!!!”

“I had severe pain in my right leg and had the usual physiotherapy which worked for a little while then the pain would return.  Sara explained the Fascia treatment and I thought I would give it a go. After four treatments my leg was easier to move and nearly pain free. It has remained like this for the past four months. It’s getting better all the time. I would recommend this treatment for stubborn tight muscles pain. It has made it possible for me to return to the gym and maintain and build on my flexibility.“

“I have had lymphedema in my arm for 13 years.  In Sight of doing my lymphatic exercises I started to get a lot of pain in the arm spreading across the neck and shoulders. Eventually I couldn’t raise my arm to get washed and dressed. I was feeling very depressed as the pain was day and night. Sara recommended this new treatment, which I am very pleased to say is working. I am now almost pain free, able to shower an dress and enjoying life once again. Thank you Sara”

“I just wanted to thank you for the treatment you give me after I dislocated my shoulder.  Thanks for giving me back the movement in my shoulder, it helped me quite a lot. Even after I had my rotator cuff repaired its helping me now to get back my movements in the shoulder. Once again thank you for all your help”

“Many thanks Sara for treating me using fascia manipulation.  When the Doctor did an ultra-sound scan and confirmed I had a moderate to severe frozen shoulder and that it would take up to 2 years to recover, my heart sank! I couldn’t believe it would take so long to recover and I would continue to be in pain! But after a couple of sessions, you managed to improve my movement of my arm backwards, and since then we have had a breakthrough treatment and I can reach upwards and am about three quarters recovered! All this in only about a couple of months! I am very confident that I will be playing netball again shortly! The treatment really works and I am extremely grateful to you for my speedy recovery!”