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Iridology“by the way of definition, iridology is a science whereby the doctor or operator can tell from the markings or signs in the iris of the eye the reflex condition of the various organs of the body. In other words, it is the science of determining acute, sub-acute, chronic, and destructive stages in the affected organs of the body through their corresponding areas in the iris. Drug deposits, inherent weaknesses and living habits are also revealed in the iris of the eye.” (Jensen 1983, foreword)


Around the 18th Century Dr Ignatz Von Peczely at the age of 10 discovered iris signs by accident. Whilst playing with a bird in his garden he accidently broke one of its legs. He noticed a black mark on the iris of this particular bird. Whilst nursing the bird back to health the mark slowly over time went to tiny black spot with some white lines and shading. It was later discovered that the location on the iris was actually corresponding to the birds’ leg! This encouraged him to learn more as he was astonished by this revelation. During his adult life he continued with iris observations with his patients and also cadavers. He published his first book in 1866

Moving on

Since the 18th century Iridology has moved leaps and bounds. Eye charts have been produced to allow accurate reading of the iris. These charts show every part of our human body from organs to bones and work in a clock like pattern. Books have been made to give us more of an insight to what the colour, fibres, pigments mean in each eye mean and also reflect upon the personality type.

Why do I not know about this treatment?

This is seen as alternative medicine, like acupuncture, homeopathy etc. You may stumble across this through another treatment, you wouldn’t necessary at this stage go and find an iridologist, unless you knew about it. But once you have experienced a treatment you will find that you want to know more!

What does iridology reveal?

The answer is quite a lot. As Jensen mention above, you can read an eye and look at a patients past or current health and also what they are predisposition to. Genetically we inherit health conditions from parents or grandparents so it’s a good way to identify what you potentially could have in the future, to help prevent a disease before it starts.

The eyes can also reveal your personality and this can be quite a light bulb moment for some people. “ah, that explains why I do this or that”. This information can be quite enlightening for some people and therefore, understanding yourself more.

Why do people have readings?

As mentioned earlier the readings could be part of a treatment that you are already seeing a practitioner for. An example: acupuncture treatments. Having an eye reading would complement the treatment.

Readings can also be due to a patient having a certain condition, they have tried almost everything with but they are not getting results. The “last chance saloon!”.


A consultation takes place to determine what you would like to achieve. During this time, you will be asked about both yourself and your families current/previous health.

Using an eye camera which is gently placed over the eye (does not touch the iris at all) pictures. They are then shown to the patient and a discussion will take place.

At the end of the reading the patient is given some post care advice, which could be anything from nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements or body work to help them achieve their goal.

Final note:

On a personal level I have read my own eyes and it helped me understand myself both personally and professionally. I have had health issues all my life but with this information it helped me to accept what’s part of my DNA, out of my control and Secondly, lifestyle, what I can control. I would really recommend this reading if you feel a little bit of direction is needed in your life.

Here is a testimonial:

“I’ve had the good fortune to have treatments with Sara for the last two years and my life and overall well-being has improved. During this time Sara looked at my health through my eyes using Iridology. Having this additional information about how my body works and being able to see some generational traits supported me in introducing significant changes to my health, introducing new eating habits, exercises and transforming my overall lifestyle to improve both my present and future moments. I would highly recommend working with Sara if you would like to improve your health and well-being.” – Nadine 2020

To book your Iridology appointment please go to the contact page for more information.


Jensen. B (1983). The Science and Practise of Iridology). USA: Jensen. Foreward.