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Fitness Therapy Blog

Peroneal Muscles

Today’s blog is about the Peroneal Muscles.  I call these the unforgotten muscles because not many people know they exist, where they are and what they do. But I guarantee after reading this you will start looking after them a bit better than you are now! So first of all let me explain where they […]

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Why Put Up with Pain?

Pain is the worst thing that most people experience.  It can be in many forms.  Pain from an injury, an operation, post neuralgic, fibromyalgia or sometimes you are not quite sure why. From my own experience in pain it can be quite debilitating.  It can stop you from doing just day to day activities, exercise, […]

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This year in Rio we saw the swimmer Michael Phelps display cupping marks on his back.  Even though cupping has been going on for many centuries it was the Olympics that have made everyone stand to attention.  So what is cupping exactly and where does it come from? There is information to suggest that the […]

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Bach Flower Remedies

  My blog today is going to be about Bach Flowers.  I learnt about these remedies during my 2nd year acupuncture course.  I found them very interesting and started using them last month to see what effect they would have.  Before I tell you how that went, let me give you some information on what […]

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Compression socks in sport

Over the past few months I have been searching for a good, reasonably priced pair of compression socks for running. Why am I looking for compression socks for sport?  Here is a brief explanation!  As most of you know I am currently in the middle of my Chinese medicine acupuncture course.  As part of this […]

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Foam Rolling

Hi everyone.  I am going to talk to you about foam rolling.  What it is, why use it and some great videos to get you started. First of all what is a foam roller? The picture below shows my home selection but will also give you an idea of what you may find in your […]

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