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Internal Dysfunctions In Fascia: Systems

As promised a brief explanation of the Internal Dysfunction treatments in Fascia Manipulation Therapy.

Recap for you:

Fascia is everywhere in the body, it is not only around joints, muscles, ligaments, bones it goes around organs and skin.  In the first two levels I learnt about how fascia dysfunction can cause problems within the body by showing pain or lack of movement.  In the third and final level I learnt about internal dysfunctions because the fascia also places itself around organs.  Therefore it can affect our bodies with other symptoms:

Here are just a few:

Swelling, digestive issues, fatigue, headaches, sweating, skin rashes, breathing difficulties.

As explained last week there are many ways to break down internal dysfunctions but for today I am going to discuss the systems that we have in the body:

Systems include:  3 internal and 3 external:

  • Lymphatic
  • Adipose
  • Cutaneous
  • Immune
  • Metabolic

Here are just a few symptoms that you may experience if you have a dysfunction with any of the above:

  • Oedema, swelling in the ankles or anywhere else in the body

    Fig 1

  • Autoimmune problems, thyroid, allergies, RA
  • Painful cellulitis or thinness or skin. Diabetes Mellitus or gout. Different distribution of body fat around the body. This means that you have a bigger bottom half than the top of your body.
  • You can’t lye on one side of the body, it’s too painful.
  • Dermatitis, eczema, excessive perspiration, dry skin. Always feeling hot or cold.
  • Itching

It is quite common that these systems are all linked to one another.   They can happen for many reasons.  One of them could be that a muscular skeletal problem has occurred and now it is causing an internal problem.

Let me use myself as an example:

I had a right hamstring tear, which then resulted in knee surgery many years ago.  My right leg has some swelling which developed during this time and has never gone away.  I also believe that my lymphatic system doesn’t perform very well on the right too as I have some swelling around the ankles at the end of a long day. Whilst I was on the course I presented this as a case to be worked on.  Yes it is true.  The damage was caused by muscular skeletal fascia dysfunction and now has caused a lymphatic problem, on the right hand side.

To rectify I had a treatment and during which I felt my lymphatic system starting to move.

So the theory is that you are not necessary born with any problems, there is always a trigger as to why this happens. What Fascia Manipulation Therapy does is simply look at why you have developed it and re correct the dysfunction to rectify the problem.

If you think that you may benefit from some treatment as you are suffering with some problems like the above, then get in touch.  I am happy to discuss with you the best options before an appointment is made.

I hope the above has helped you all understand a bit more about what I do.  Over the next few weeks I will explain the others…there are many!!



ref: fig 1.  Swelling.  Available at:  Accessed 24th October 2015


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