Prices at Redbridge Sports & Leisure

With effect from 1st March 2019

Acupuncture: Please note that all consultations are 60 mins which also includes your first treatment. Follow up treatment are 40 mins.

  • Consultation: £60
  • Follow Up Treatments: £45

The above price includes all skills needed to get the results required; there will be no additional charge for moxibustion, cupping or ear seeds.

Sara is affiliated with the British Acupuncture Council which allows payment from some private health insurers, please contact directly for more detail.

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Treatment: Please note that consultations are 60 mins. Follow up treatments are 40 mins.

  • Consultation: £45
  • Follow Up Treatments: £30

Please note that due to the discount there is only availability for 5 people on the 12-week program. Once reached a waiting list will occur and you will be contacted when a place is ready. Once 12 weeks has finished normal pricing resumes.

Fascial Manipulation Therapy: Please note that all consultations are 45 mins and if time allow, will also include your first treatment. Follow up treatments 30 mins.

  • Consultation: £60
  • Follow Up Treatments: £45

Sports Massage:

  • 60 mins: £50
  • 45 mins: £40
  • 30 mins: £35

Additional Therapies:

Cupping: Will be included as part of acupuncture for free. £3 charge if used for a single treatment on top of fees of sports massage prices.

Kinesio Taping: £5 per body part added onto any treatment price.

16 and under. 60 and over:

A £5 discount on all treatments, exclusion on: additional therapies and Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia the 12- week plan.


Please go directly to their website: www.thirdspace. london/medical for more information

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that patients will receive a complementary text the day before appointment to confirm their appointment time. Patients have until 5pm that day to postpone, re book or cancel appointment.

Anything after this time on this day will result in a 50% charge if the patient decides to cancel.

If a patient cancels or fails to turn up to the appointment on the day of treatment a full 100% charge will be made.